At Last... Boutique is a unique shopping experience in women’s health care. Our goal is to prepare a woman for pre and post surgery by providing education, quality products and exceptional customer service. Our certified fitters have a genuine compassion and provide personal service for each client. 


At Last...Bra & Lingerie, we operate on appointment schedules and request that you call to schedule an appointment to meet with your practitioner. Your appointment length will vary depending on your needs and on the scope of services being provided to you that day.  

We believe quality patient care takes time so it is our policy never to rush a patient and never to compromise care. If we do expect a delay, we will do our best to notify you prior to your arrival. If you are unable to make your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.



  • Prescriptions/Referrals Required
  • A referral from your primary care physician, referring physician and/or prescription is required at your first visit as most insurance companies consider prosthesis's to be specialists. If you wish to obtain a copy of your prescription or referral for your records, simply request one from our office staff during your visit.

What to Bring

  • If you are a new patient or if it has been over a year since your last appointment with At Last.., a pre-registration is required. You will be asked to provide insurance and medical history information. Specific insurance information we will need includes:
  • Every time you come to At Last...  please bring your insurance cards and a doctor's PRESCRIPTION. Prescriptions can be faxed directly to the store at 916-514-8991
  • We also now need you to bring a photo ID. Anything with your picture and name on it will do just fine. ​
  • Please be prepared to cover any upgrades, co-payments, or insurance deductibles that may apply to your individual contract.

If you are a new patient or have changes to your current information and have scheduled an appointment at our boutique, you can help the check-in process go more quickly and smoothly. Please print, review and complete the forms below. Be sure to review them to ensure all information is accurate. Fax or Bring the completed forms to your appointment and we will be able to quickly check you in.

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Why do we ask you to make an appointment?
Our goal is to provide you with ample time for the best fitting possible. For this reason all fittings are by appointment only.

Please call us to schedule a personal appointment with one of our certified fitters:        916-480-9501


Please print and complete these forms before your in-store appointment:

Additional Information


At Last...offers every woman who has underwent breast cancer treatment a variety of products and services that will help them get through the difficult transition of the post-surgical experience.
In the process our intent is to improve the patient's self image and in doing so help restore the confidence they had prior to their illness.
Our staff is compassionate about what we do, and how our customers feel. Because your privacy is important to us when shopping for mastectomy products each fitting is conducted in a private one-on-one setting by a Certified Fitter.

At closely with your physician to ensure that your post-operative needs are met. Once you are scheduled for surgery, it's a good idea to set an appointment for a free consultation. Seeing the products that are available to you makes recovery a little easier. Most mastectomy products are covered by health insurance.
We carry a full line of products by leading manufacturers. Whether it's just a simple bra or headwear, we are here to help and happy to do so

 @ At Last... we provide PERSONAL and PRIVATE FITTINGS in the convenience of our boutique

At Last... offers you:
Personal, private fitting rooms
Certified & Board Certified Fitters
Extensive selection of the newest, most innovative products available
Billing to most insurance plans directly
Retrieval of required prescriptions for each claim
FLEXIBLE HOURS ~ Days, Evenings & Weekends available. 

Products and services available @ At Last...:

Recovery care products (Post-op camisoles)
Silicone breast forms
Leisure forms
Pocketed camisoles
Reconstruction items
Lumpectomy items
Adhesive nipples (variety of sizes & shades)
Hats & headwear
Jewelry & gifts
Pink ribbon apparel
Much, much more